syn- /sɪn/ prefix - acting or considered together; united. From the Greek ‘sun’ - With

City - Middle English: from Old French cite, from Latin civitas, from civis ‘citizen’

Syncity - ‘with the citizen’


DIgital transformation and smart city STrategy specialists

Bringing the principles of Digital Transformation and Smart Cities together to deliver strategies that meet future demand.

With more and more pressure being placed on Digital Transformation it’s important to know where to start and how to deliver real savings and benefits. Here at Syncity, we’re specialists in helping organisations define their Digital Strategy.

With the growth of the Smart City market it’s often difficult to know where to start and how to write a business case. Syncity can help you define your strategy and bring together the right providers and specialists to deliver real solutions to each city, town or villages’ unique problems.

Bringing Smart Cities and digital transformation together can produce even wider benefits and Syncity are uniquely placed to help you realise the benefits of joining the two strategies together.


Digital Transformation Strategy

At Syncity we will work with you to define your strategy focusing on the transformation and working with you to select appropriate technology, from cloud to SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, assistive technology and artificial intelligence, to support this. Working closely with providers we ensure that strategiues deliver clear benefits defined from the outset and that the Return on Investment delivers the savings or efficiencies required across the organisation. By ensuring that the right investment is made in the right technology Syncity will help you deliver tangible outcomes across the whole organisation.

Smart City Strategy

Too often Smart City projects start with the solution and look for the problem it solves.

At Syncity we start at the beginning and will help you identify and define the problem that you are trying to solve, write the strategy and then are able to work with you to procure solutions and expertise, implement and then define how to measure success of the project.


With backgrounds in both the public and private sectors Syncity are ideally placed to bring the two sectors closer together to help define and deliver both Digital and Smart City strategies working closely with you to enable true transformation of the services that you provide from both the provider and seller perspectives.

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